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Nepali Keyboard Fingering and Alt key Combination

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Developing good technique, finger placement, positioning and movement is the first step toward developing effective typing skills. Learning to type involves control of hand and fingers, positioning, concentration, practice & perseverance, You need to learn correct placement of fingers and how to move your fingers and position your hands. These are the basic skills needed for touch typing which is the skill of pressing the keys accurately without looking at the keys.

Developing automatic movements and increasing speed requires the following steps:1. Learn good technique first: Learn where the keys are and which fingers should be used for each key. Also use good body and arm/hand positioning - good ergonomics. This will be the basis for long term good typing habits.

2. Repetition - repetition - repetition: Automatic movements are only developed through plenty of repetition and practice. Muscles and joints learn position in space and movement patterns through continuous movement in the patterns to be learned. Every athlete and sportsman knows that regardless of talent, practice is what makes the body work well.

3. Don't look: No matter how tempted you are, once you have learned the correct finger placement and which fingers to use for specific keys, practice typing without looking. Being tempted to look at your fingers reduces the motor training effect, and relies more heavily on vision for finding the correct keys rather than the kinesthetic 'muscle and sensory' senses of the fingers. Developing good speed will be significantly hindered if vision is used. This is true of the whole typing process, since looking at the keyboard results in the visual shift from keyboard to screen to paper documents, thus reducing the efficiency of typing in all

4. Be disciplined: Instead of focusing on accuracy of key hits, rather work on your SPEED during this second phase of training. You can make corrections later, but for now, work on getting your speed up without looking!

How is typing speed calculated?

The standard formula is as follows: The number of characters typed is divided by 5 (the average word length, including a space in-between words). This is divided by the exercise time, in seconds, and then multiplied by 60 to get words per minute.

How is typing accuracy calculated?Accuracy is ESSENTIAL to good typing. Typing Accuracy is calculated by taking the number of correct words typed, divided by the number of actual words, and then multiplied by 100 to provide a percentage.

We present a unique approach to typing training based on 'how your hands work', as well as providing comprehensive information and resources all aimed at providing you with the best environment for developing typing skills to make you more effective and competitive in your work or school environment.
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man,, ur blog is good and ur tutorial too...!! tnkhs....


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RaMa said...

Any best Software recommended for Typing tutorial..??

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yo code haru chai kasari use garne ho alt+0191 etc haru?

Ananda Maharjan said...

@Bijay This code works only in keyboard numpad when "NumLuck" is "ON" it does not work in laptop where there is no numpad. In that case refer character map. Thank you.