Monday, May 30, 2011

AnandaSansar Nepali font and wallpapers

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© Font designed by: Ananda K. Maharjan

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First released on: May 2007

For any comments and suggestions, please e-mail me at: anandako[at],
©2011. Unauthorised distribution of the product is prohibited. It is stictly prohibited to sell and change the name of font.


lyssa said...

Hi Ananda :)
Cool wallpaper !!!
Classic Fonts
Awesome job !!!

Suman said...

Hi, how to download your complete font pack? I would be more than happy to pay even if they are premium.

Shyam Zawar said...

the letters which are present over the " ' key, I can't use them, please help me...
I am using the font AnandaSansar