Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kutakshar Ranjana script indepth video tutorial

रञ्जना लिपि कुताक्षर Ranjana script Kutakshar Rules and guidelines by Sunita Dangol Kutākshar is a monogram of the Ranjana script. It is only one of the Nepalese scripts that can be written in monogram. Ranjana Kutakshar form is written from top to bottom. It is also called Guptakshar. Kutakshar is written for secret message or mantras. Generally only the person who have written it can read it properly, others may decode it in different way. Though it can be written in anyway secretly,, but there are certain rules to write Kutakshar. In this video, Sunita explores the rules and guidelines of Kutakshar. And lots of rules come from Nepal Lipi, you will have to know the rules of Nepal lipi to understand the rules of Ranjana lipi for joining letters. There is no half form in Ranjana lipi and Nepal lipi, the two letters are combined into 1 letter as compound letter. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR GURU - - MADAN MUNI BAJRACHARYA - ANIL STHAPIT - SARAD KASAA - NEPAL LIPI GUTHI For more queries on Ranjana lipi and kutakshar: Contact Sunita Dangol on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hello.sunita... on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sunita_sg/ Ananda on instagram: http://instagram.com/aannda

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