Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My interview published on Republica Daily - "A bold f(r)ont face"

published on 08 January, 2013, page 13

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KATHMANDU, Jan 7: Ananda Maharjan, 29, plays with shapes, strokes and brushes to create different Nepali font faces of his own. Working professionally as a graphic designer for the past 11 years, Maharjan says that he has designed all sorts of things, from logos to publications, for various organizations. But it’s typography that he’s more inclined to and hence he makes fonts for himself. He’s currently working at Grafi Offshore Nepal.

Maharjan’s work can be viewed at He has about 15-16 published fonts, including Ananda 1 HV, his first font, and Ananda Sumitra. Here he shares with us some experiences as a graphic and type designer. 

How did you enter the field of graphic designing?
I had brothers who were already working in this field. So I learnt from them and continued with this field as my profession. I actually am a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) graduate. But I’ve also done Intermediate in Fine Arts from Lalitkala Fine Art Campus.

What about type designing? How did you start?
Type designing is my passion. I was bored with the same and overused Nepali fonts and so I wanted to create something new on my own. I make fonts during my free time. I browse through literature to pick out nice words and play with them through typography. Nowadays, I prefer minimalistic and clean designs.

According to you, what’s an important quality that all graphic designers should have?
As graphic designers, people should be willing to learn. The habit of researching and thinking differently is very important. I see so many Nepali designers still using outdated software. They don’t try to upgrade, which isn’t good. We also have to learn to move along with time.

What’s your opinion on the designing field in Nepal?
Most Nepali designers, I think, overlook the importance of choosing a good font face. If you look at advertisements, they are done using the same fonts everywhere. Typography is the most important aspect of designing, and having a distinct font type is crucial when it comes to branding and advertisement. Also, like I mentioned before, designers in Nepal need to be constantly up to date with the developments in this field.

Besides your office work, what other forms of designing are you involved with?
I’ve designed a couple of film posters for films such as Saanghuro and Chhadke.


prasun said...

Where can I download the Kinara font?

Anonymous said...

I think I am prety jealous seenig your great work :)